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HaHuJobs university is a deployment intended to serve the needs of deliver ology departments, offer alternative digital contend disbursement for instructors and tracing graduates of Ethiopian universities that are subscribers of these services. The service offers a reporting and visualization for all its service components cospeciating higher education institute with a well compiled data to acquire relevant insights regarding the labor market and competence requirements.


What is in HaHuJobs University?

The HaHuJobs University deployment are a set of services pillared in three primary categories, digital student tracing, digital material encoding and assessments


Graduate tracer

This service enables universities of all types to conduct biometric based registration of both their students and graduates that have successfully completed their required course work. The registration identifies enrolled course per semester and a competence profile based on which education materials are dispersed as per relevance to the university student.


Digital Contents

Contents relevant to all levels of the university students can be submitted by the institution using these services, contents delivered through our training platform called HaHuJobs muya. Each of these contents can have a dynamically defined curricular structure or can be offered in an informal format based on the convenience need of the university instructors.


Digital assessment

These set of university services are extension of the HaHuJobs core assessment services customized for academic purposed to evaluate specific competence of students or graduates regarding a set of topics for which training materials have been provided. Assessments can be conducted in both supervised and unsupervised model.


HaHuJobs University service values

These services are essential to offer a holistic tracing of skills from their sourcing to qualification offer values in providing institutionalized training content, building a qualified set of jobseekers, and tracking progress through reporting



HaHuJobs Muya is capacity building and training platform intended for both jobseeker and students’ which sources various digital contents from training institutes in both document and multimedia formats. It offers users a digitally enabled environment to consume both formal and non-formal training material sourced from instructors with in the local context


Job seekers pool

Any student or graduate registered in HaHuJobs university services will automatically join our jobseekers’ pools and based on their consent their details will be availed for employers as well as enterprises that offer internship opportunities. Each profile data set is consistent throughout HaHuJobs services hence no need for recapture of these details.



One of the primary challenges of training providing institutes is lack of compiled data to plan for demand driven training and tracing the success of trainees or graduates after joining the work force. To this end the HaHuJobs university deployment offers graduate employment status tracking and labor market demand insights through standardized KPIs.

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